Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy V-day

When Valentine’s Day come, for all of you Miss Singletons.. all you do is laying down in bed and thinking why you don’t have boyfriend to give chocolates and get flowers. So you might wonder youself what kinda boyfriend you would love to spend V-Day with…

There are few lovers you can pick. Trust me… there are a lot of them spreading in this world (Thank God!! :)) Let say that you want someone sexy even when he is in 50 or 60 something… You’d pick a CUTE IRISH HUNK

Richard Gere
You’d never forget his sexy grayish hair

Ok Fine, you don’t like that old… Please Consider this England Hottie…

Hugh Grant
You couldn’t forget his smile…forever

You will see these hunkies on tv EVERY VALENTINE’S DAY

Or.. this hottie FUTURESEX bachelor

Justin Timberlake
He’s available!!!....

They’re so irresistible, but… wait… you might want someone who come from Asia ;) Believe me, Asian hotties are incomparable!!! Really!!!!

Imagine yourself kiss this JAPANESE SUSHI

Hideki Takizawa
I want sushi !!!

He is skinny, so you might want someone to spend your afternoon on the beach. Someone SKINNER than him and COOL IN 2 COUNTRIES (Taiwan & Hongkong....hmm, do we really need cool guys??? OF COURSE!! ;) )

Hottie, cuttie, loveable.... awwww :D

Uh forget those skinnies… We need sexy babies!!! With six-packs and swimsuit… and a BOND

Daniel Craig
His ugly look was beaten with his swimsuit… *drools*

Or.. you want this KIMCHE GINGSENG!!!

Oh Gosh *drools drools* Kiiimmmcheeeee…..

Newest performance....

MTV picks him as the ‘sexiest’ artist of the month!! Craig Bond was completely a loser!!!

So, who is the winner ???

Congrats Kenny, you’re the SEXIEST LOVER OF THE MONTH !!!

Coz… he carries the flowers :D

Happy V-day everyone!! :)

Sunday, December 31, 2006


Happy New Year everyone

Monday, December 18, 2006

Samarinda, East Borneo Trip, 12/01-04/2006 :)

Here's the link if you need to look a bit closer :

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My Heritage, c-xlin version ;)

I read My Heritage posted in This is soo funny…. I would like to keep this in my blog. Thanks Kenny… I like your ‘mature’ posts. :)

So I guess I need to make my own heritage experiment.. :-D
#1. My pic

Tired face

and the result is... BUAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA.

Wow!!! 74% to Fiona Xie.... cool!!! (Honestly, I don't know who she is... )

now... #2 Experiment...
Opps... he failed. Sorry dude!! You're not a celeb.. ha!!!

#3. My Profile Pic....

Sigh... didn't work out too.. ;((

#5. My other pic... from hidden camera... (silly Aphiang!!!)

and look what the result is.... ta daaaa!!!!!

72% AUNG SAN SUU KYIIIIIIII !!!! Not bad, we both have the same struggle... except she's in Vietnam and I'm in Indo... :D Would that mean we would get two Noble prizes?? MUAHAHAAHAHAH ;)))))))))))))

Heh?? Oh well Shrek, Sorryy.... I dont think you're THAT famous.... :(((

Conclusion :
I think the search is based on hair, and smile... It doesn't include faces, nose, lips, or..... (looks at Shrek's hand)... err.. green hands

What's your heritage?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Happy Indonesia Independence Day !!! :D

Met 17 Agustus!!! Yes, today is indonesia Independence Day !!! :-D
Introducing you an indo traditional sport, called.. "PANJAT PINANG". In english, it's called "POLE CLIMBING"

Threesome Climbing

The definition of this sport... (got it from certain site, so what... I'm stupid in english anyway.. at least, my english is better than engRish)

Panjat pinang is the most interesting sport and familiar in each of Indonesian Independence Anniversary celebration. This “Panjat Pinang” sport will find during years in about half most towns in Indonesia, usually executed at the park on noon. This sport will begin on the daylight, reminding the oil as the slippery liquor will trickle by the tight sunlight, so the game will getting attractive.

aiyaaaa old-man, you're way too old to climb ah !!!

The participant is various in kind. Included not only of the adult man, but consisting of the courageous children those dare to face the challenge. This sport is involving of all gender (man and woman) and the foreign tourist as well. They are interesting of this event not just because get attracted to the hanging prize. In other hand, the most important factor of this sport is the team solidarity. They are helping each other within the team mate to grab the prize that hanging on the top of pinang (kind of areca tree). That is why, when they succeed collecting the prizes, it will sell in the auction. The prize money will distribute averagely in each.

A group of participants? Well, what would happen if the groups are massive people from all over the are

Wonder why they never do this during political demonstrations

Something you wouldn't see everyday.. huh? ;)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Amazing Pictures in two different countries

I should shut down the beijing part coz the picture from yahoo screwed me :(. So, this post would be "Colorful Picture in Indo"


An Indonesian woman dressed in a costume participates in a fashion carnival in Jember, East Java August 6, 2006. Around 450 participants from Indonesia took part in the carnival, wearing costumes they designed. REUTERS/Murdani Usman (INDONESIA)